There is no age limit for the use of our insoles. We have designed the insoles for full-grown people of adult age and should not be used in shoes that are smaller than the size guide on the insoles indicate, this is so cushioning occurs in the right parts of the foot.


Our GelActiv Work insoles were designed with holes in the forefoot that could help provide some ventilation, however this depends on the type of shoe you are using with insoles. 


When you are cutting your insoles, use sharp scissors to ensure that there is no frazzling of the edge. The insoles will not be damaged when cutting is done carefully. Cut along the outline on the outside of the line first to prevent the insole being too small (as some shoes will vary slightly from their stated size). The insole can then be further trimmed to fit.


Please refer to question 10


Yes. The Scholl Light Legs tights come with clear instructions on how to put them on, and this is not impacted by the use of lotions and cream on the legs.


The Diamond Roller Heads fit on the device but since they’re not designed for usage on wet skin, we recommend using the Wet & Dry roller heads for best results.


Our insoles are not machine-washable. When you would like to clean your insole, wipe the insoles with a warm soapy cloth (do not soak). Ensure you dry them out fully before placing them back into the shoes.


If your Scholl insoles are humid, we would recommend you remove them from the shoe and air them in a dry room. If the insoles are damaged by moisture, we recommend not using them further and look to purchase a replacement pair.


Your can cut your Scholl Insoles to size (GelActiv only). To do this, cut along the outlines to match the insoles to the different shoe sizes. You can find detailed instructions on how to cut the insoles on the inside of the packaging.


Once your battery is dead, you can unscrew the base and replace the used battery with a new one.


Remove your existing insoles and replace them with our Scholl insoles.


Scholl Light Legs 20 denier tights last up to 50 washes without losing shape and compression. The 60 denier tights last up to 100 washes without losing shape and colour.


The heads last for up to 12 weeks depending on how often they are used.


You should look to replace your insoles when they begin to show signs of wear. Purchasing a replacement pair every 4-6 months is recommended.


You can wear Scholl Light legs tights as many hours per day as you want. They are so comfortable and soft, that you might in fact want to keep them on longer than 8 hours.


Before using our Scholl Products please speak to your doctor first.


Light Legs tights are available in opaque black (60DEN), sheer nude (20DEN) and sheer black (20DEN). They all come in four sizes: S, M, L and XL. Our Flight Socks come in 2 colours, natural sheer and, black. Natural sheer comes in sizes 4-6 and, 6-8. Black comes in sizes 3-6 and, 9.5-12


The difference is the size. That means if you are a woman who needs a bigger size you can use insoles for men, if you are a man who needs a smaller size you can use insoles for women.


Scholl Flight Socks are below the knee stockings that apply gentle pressure to the ankle to help blood flow. They come in a variety of sizes and there are also different colours.


The Wet and Dry Foot File comes with a specially designed roller head that effectively removes hard skin on both wet and dry skin.


Scholl Light Legs Hosiery are gentle gradient compression hosiery intended to help revitalise and relieve tired, heavy legs and to keep your legs feeling fantastic, firm and toned.


Orthopaedic and orthotic insoles are designed, among other aspects, for compensation of foot pathologies/position issues and the correction of false posture. They help to control or change the way your foot works, and can add support and relieve foot pain. As a rule they are recommended by an expert and often tailored to suit the exact shape of your foot. Scholl GelActiv™ insoles offer non-stop comfort all day long and are not to be confused with orthopaedic or orthotic insoles. If you are reliant on orthopaedic or orthotic insoles we recommend wearing them instead.


Replacement of the head depends on how often and for how long you use your Wet & Dry Foot File. When you notice a decline in performance, it is time to replace the roller head.


Scholl insoles are made for tired feet. They offer amazing comfort. For casual shoes, trainers or flats used for walking or daily activities.


You need 1 AA battery which is included with a new device.


Speed setting depends on individual needs and hard skin conditions. If you have stubborn hard skin to be removed or need a faster treatment, just switch to the second speed level.


When you stand, walk or perform other activities with your feet, these can get tired over a long time. Scholl is offering insoles to improve the comfort in your shoes and provide non-stop cushioning.


With Scholl Light Legs your legs never knew they could feel and look so good. Our breathable tights help to revitalise and relieve tired, heavy legs.


Use of Scholl insoles should not have an impact on the odour of your feet.