Scholl Corn Foam Cushions Pads

Immediately relief from painful pressure. High performance adhesive. Ultra soft cushioning protection. Cut to size-for feet and shoes.

Product Description

Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding reduces pressure and friction, and relieves pain immediately.
Dermatologically tested adhesive.
Can be cut to suit any part of the foot.
Can also be applied to shoes to give cushioning protection to heels, toes etc. and is particularly useful for sports footwear.

For closer fitting shoes Scholl Sore Spot Moleskin is available.


Feet should be clean and dry. Cut foam to required shape and remove backing paper. Apply and press firmly to ensure foam is securely attached. In case of broken skin, apply over first aid dressing.


Product Code: 05000288302266

For immediate relief from painful corns.

Product Features

  • Immediate pain relief
  • Maximum cushioning and pressure relief
  • Prevent pressure and friction
  • Optimum size and shape for effective relief and protection from pressure
  • Suitable for hard corns on toes and soft corns between toes, or to protect a hard corn following treatment with salicylic acid